Born on 25 July 1960 in Bergerac (Dordogne), Bruga was only 5 and a half years old when he took his first music and accordion lessons with Jeanne DANIAS.

Adolescent, he participated in several experiments of ensemble music. At 18, he formed his first dance orchestra.
In 1979, Loris CAPELLI taught him bandoneon lessons and made him meet Bernard LUBAT, of whom he was one of the first professors. In Uzeste, he meets many jazzmen in the "Compagnie Lubat". His meetings with the prestigious guests of the company (Eddy Louis, Didier Lockwood, H. Texier, D. Humair, L. Sclavis, M. Portal ...) are decisive.

At the Pavillon Baltard in Nogent sur Marne, in 1981, alongside Alain Musichini and Corinne Rousselet, he won the Trophy Trophy TF1 "The Princes of the Accordion", which reveals it to a wide audience. On this occasion, he met Jacques MORNET who runs the Thor Accordion School, now called "CNIMA". He leaves his native french south-west for the Vaucluse where he goes to perfect himself.

He discovered the concert accordion, practiced new musical forms and was also passionate about sound, synths and programming at the time of the advent of computer music. Then came the writing of arrangements, the composition of radio jingles made in his own studio, as a prelude to an activity of sustained composer unconnected with his instrument. It was only in the years 2000 that he wrote for accordion while Yvette Horner entrusted to him the realization of the album "Yvette Hors Norme". He is also the co-producer with Jean Pierre Brun.

In 1986, with his formation named "Groupe Bruga" (diminutive of his surname), he became the conductor of Michèle Torr. Since the 1990s, it has been a virtually uninterrupted presence with the greatest names in the song (Juliette Gréco, Serge Regianni, Guy Béart, Lio, Patrick Fiori, among others) either on stage or in the studio as an accordionist or arranger.

During these years, he began a collaboration with David Séchan (Editions-Encore-Merci), for which he composed and produced numerous titles of musical illustration, notably for the album "Paris Music". For Régis Delaye (Illustra Son), he composed several tracks of the album "Accordéons nous".

In 2001, the accordion remained some time away ... On the themes of Philippe Chany, he wrote, arranged and orchestrated Alain Chabat's film "Asterix & Obelix, Mission Cleopatra" recorded at Abbey Road by the London Symphony Orchestra .

This musical eclecticism does not attenuate his love for the accordion to which he regularly returns. Because he was nourished by popular music, Bruga has reserved the next release of an accordionist album which he devotes to dance music. The references to his masters cohabit with a color of personal arrangement developed on the occasion of the realization of the album "Yvette Hors Norme".