Bruga Solo

The accordion is naturally associated with the conviviality through the "French musette" repertoire in particular. Bruga gives us to listen here a virtuoso interpretation of the well known "retro music standards", recorded in the 90s. In addition, by creating "Yvette Hors Norme" for Yvette Horner, Bruga has developed a style of arrangements and a sound that rekindles the "dance" genre.

In addition to the dance part, the "Bruga Solo" repertoire can be expanded to include a "concert" part (Galliano, Piazzola, Francis Lai, André Astier ...) and meet the demand for specific events.

Bruga Duo

In the company of Margherita Oscuro, talented singer and actress, Bruga evokes the guinguettes, and the "Paris of Montmartre".

Swing touch'

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Bruga : The sideman

  • 1980-81: Concerts and dances with "la compagnie Lubat"
  • 1981: "Les princes de l’accordéon" - TF1 contest
  • 1986-88: Michèle TORR - Conductor
  • 1997-98 & 2003-04: Serge REGGIANI - Accordion
  • 1997: JMJ Paris - Shows Champ de mars and Longchamp (Artistic direction Patrick Abrial)
  • 1999: Guy BÉART at Bobino - Accordion and keyboards
  • 1999: Valérie BARRIER - Concerts at "Théâtre de 10h" and at "Lavoir moderne parisien" - Midi accordion
  • 2000-05: Juliette GRÉCO - Midi accordion
  • 2000: Pascal DANEL - Concerts at "Cirque d’hiver Bouglione" - Midi accordion, Bandoneon & Accordina
  • 2002: Jérôme SAVARY - Irma la douce - Accordion and accordina
  • 2003 à 2005: LIO - Show "Lio chante Prévert" - Accordion
  • 2004: RÉGINE at "l'espace Cardin" - Accordion and keyboards
  • 2006-2016: Tour Enrico MACIAS - Accordion
  • 2008-2009: Caroline LOEB - Show "Mistinguett, Madonna et moi" - Accordion , vocals, loops
  • 2008-2009: Patrick FIORI - Showcases for album issue "Les choses de la vie" - Accordion & Accordina
  • 2014: Pierre SANTINI - Show "Come Di", french version of Paolo Conte - Accordion & Accordina
  • 2017: Valérie BARRIER - New show
  • And also: François Béranger, Romain Didier, Djamel Allam, Enzo Enzo, Art Mengo, Jean-Claude Petit & Claude Bolling (Soloist Music and Film Festival), Matthieu Gonet, Jean Schultheis, France Léa, Anne Péko, Marie-Hélène Féry, Jean Duino.

Valérie Barrier, accompanied by Bruga

Valerie Barrier sings her songs, and "rekindles the stars" by restoring life to that of her father Ricet Barrier, accompanied to the accordion M.I.D.I multicolored arrangements. To discover in detail on Valérie's web site.

Many photographers took part in this slideshow. Thanks to them !
Special thanks to Anaka, for the photos with Martha, and Patrick Cronenberger in imitated style, and never equaled!